The best reputed customized design homes in Tamil Nadu

The best reputed customized design homes in Tamil Nadu

What better fantasy can there be than a dream home that sparks joy when you walk in the door?

It should not just be what you see in a space but should also be about how it makes you feel.

Is that your idea of a dream fantasy home? 

If so, then finish your fantasy home plan with customized design home. With customized design homes, you not only can sense joy and a feel-good factor but can also sense anything you want. Simply put, the sky’s the limit.

Building a customized design home is a major decision in your life. It demands a lot of your efforts, time, and of course, money. It also requires proper planning, from finding a proper location to defining, designing, and depicting the outlines of your dream home.

At times, the whole process can be fraught with difficult choices to be made. Instead of taking it upon yourself the burden, why not assign the task of a custom design home to a reputed builder. This will ensure that the result will meet not only your expectations but will also help conserve costs and save money. 


Working with a reliable and efficient builder will help you get the benefit of a custom design home as they tailor every aspect of your fantasy home plan in line with your specifications.


Generally, home design should take into consideration how an environment appeals to senses, and evoke a positive reaction from any person experiencing the home space.

For selecting the perfect design for your home, you ideally need sources of inspiration. With a reputed builder, you not only get the right sources of inspiration but will also get the benefit of intellectual designs that will make the whole process of designing your customized home a smooth process.  


Customized design homes will give you full control over every aspect of your home. From the exterior design of the home to the inclusion of unique spaces, size and look of the rooms, a custom design home will give you ample scope for tailored modifications, and depicted partisanships with the flexibility that you would like to have. 


If you’re one of those with an affinity for unique spaces, then a customized design home will bring alive your desires. You can ensure that your customized design home has a unique space in every nook and corner of the home, and every family member gets a unique space setting of choice. This way, you can give your home that unique look that will make it stand out in the area.

By making your custom design home a standout, you can ensure your home will reflect your family’s heritage, persona, and values. 


With a customized design home, you can oversee every aspect, area, and aesthetics and ensure that the finished looks will match your personal standards of quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. At the same time, it will also give the scope for tailored modifications and compatible and embellished spaceworks. 


A custom design home will be designed to your specifications, with every feature of the home depicted in the way you would want it to be. This means you can set your own budget and get the benefit of what you want well within your budget.

Your new custom design home will be more than just another building. It will be a sort of a landmark for you, a place that will make you feel relaxed and at home, away from the pressures and pulls of everyday life; a place that will make you feel comfortable with the people who matter to you the most – your family; and a place that reflects your persona and fits your lifestyle. That is how lifelong memories are built and cherished. 

From concept to completion, customized design homes by a reputed builder will assemble the right team, plan the right moves, and implement the right tactics. The end result will be a customized design home that reflects your tastes and aspirations. At the end of it all, it can be an extremely rewarding experience.

1. Which Is The Best Direction And Location

According to Vastu Shastra, the northeast is the ideal direction to place the pooja room as it is said to have an auspicious aura. This direction will also attract maximum energy from the sun.

If the northeast direction is not available, you can place the pooja room in the west, east, or north corner of your home. However, we suggest avoiding the south direction for the placement of your pooja room.

Furthermore, once you set up the pooja room in the northeast direction, ensure that you face the east or north direction while worshipping.

If yours is a multi-storeyed home, it is a good practice to have the pooja room on the ground floor. We strongly suggest avoiding the pooja room in the basement or the first floor.

Suppose you have a big hall, you can also place the pooja room in the center, also known as the Brahmasthan.

2. What Should Be The Structure Of Your Pooja Room?

It is ideal to have a pooja room with a low ceiling and the top should mimic a pyramid-shaped or gopura like in a temple to create a positive environment. If you have space constraints or you live in an apartment, then you can buy a wooden or marble pooja shelf with a Pyramid top.

The lower ceiling along with the pyramid shape helps in forming symmetry and can help you get into the meditative state quickly.

Furthermore, the structure of the threshold and the door entrance is also crucial. Having a threshold in your pooja room like the ones in the temple will prevent the entry of insects and ants into the pooja room.

3. How To Place God Idols And Photos As Per Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra generally don’t recommend placing idols in the pooja room. You can replace idols with photos. If you place the idols, you should keep them away from the wall to let the air freely flow around the idol. Moreover, it also helps to surround an idol with the scent of incense sticks.

As per Vastu, placing your idols on the east or west side of the venue is highly recommended. Idols should not face each other. The idols should never face the south. In addition, there should not be ancient statues of God from old temples in the mandir of the house. Idols should never be mounted on wall niches. No idols face the main door.

4. What Are The Best Colors For The Pooja Room?

As already stated, the pooja room is a sacred place where you can pray, meditate, and get positive energy. Therefore, picking the right color is more crucial. The right color will echo tranquility in the house that helps maintain a positive aura.

Light colors are ideal to make your pooja room look airy and spacious. Dark colors may look the room cramped and heavy as well distract you while meditating. You can go for white, light yellow, light blue, or pale pink.

5. How To Design Storage Space In The Pooja Room?

Aside from the god’s idols and photos, you will also need various other things to carry out your pooja. Such things should also need a place in your pooja room. You will be requiring objects like a matchbox, incense sticks, oil, cotton threads, books, utensils to keep Prasad, etc. You should have a cabinet to store all these things. Always remember, the cabinet should be in the south or west walls of the pooja room.

Also, avoid cluttering in the pooja room. Avoid placing objects above the idols.

Things To Avoid In The Pooja Room 

  • Do not place the pooja room within the bedroom, unless you don’t have any other space in your home.
  • Avoid having the pooja room on the first floor or in the basement.
  • Do not place the pooja room above, below, or next to the toilet or kitchen.
  • The pooja room should not be under the stairs.
  • Avoid placement of broken idols or photos in the pooja room.
  • Do not place photos of dead people in the pooja room.
  • Do not sleep in the pooja room.

We hope you found these Vastu tips for the pooja room helpful! If you want stunning interiors that are Vastu compliant, then look no further than RR Construction. Delivering homes that are Vastu compliant is our top priority. Contact us now to build your dream home with the best interiors at an affordable cost.

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