Residential Construction of Unparalleled Quality

Our residential buildings come in all shapes, sizes, and scales, from standalone homes to multi-phase residential properties construction to create a new ‘destination’ for communities.

Fundamental to our success as a renowned residential builder is having a skilled build team. At RR Constructions, we have taken our time to develop a core team of experienced builders. Each of our projects will have a site manager who ensures timelines are maintained, providing all of the necessary quality control checks along the way.

As a design and build team we only take on a limited number of projects at the same time to ensure that each project is properly managed and resource properly allocated which ensures that all our projects have a very high-quality finish and are completed on time and budget.

Commercial Construction – Unrivalled Craftsmanship

As a trusted commercial construction company, delivering projects of exceptional value is what we do.

For every commercial construction project, irrespective of its size or location, we have two objectives: to create the best working environment for people and to provide a higher return on investment for the client, throughout the lifetime of the building. We strive to understand the varied requirements, problems, and business goals of our clients.

Each of our projects is specifically designed to target various stages of the project lifecycle, ensuring that we deliver the best possible outcome to our clients that exceeds their expectations. And we at RR Constructions achieve this by bringing our wealth of experience to every project. We ensure that our customer satisfaction remains at the forefront from planning to handing over the completed project. We also ensure that we maintain safety and quality while knowing the value of money.

With our experience in the building and construction industry, RR Constructions prides itself on providing cost-effective solutions to our clients without compromising the quality.

Joint Venture Contracting

We invite landowners and property consultants for a Joint Venture opportunity. We can convert your property into a huge investment and can make it a mutually beneficial collaboration.

Through such collaborative projects, we develop beautiful spaces, which ultimately create a better & sustainable future. We are always on the lookout for plots or land at a good location and are delighted to work with landowners who wish to develop their property in and around Tamil Nadu or Chennai.

Interior Designing

RR Constructions have a dedicated interior designing firm with expert interior designers who can handle every aspect of interior design project - right from initial concepts to the placement of furniture.

We have extensive experience in all areas of interior architecture and design, which we bring to each and every project we undertake.

We can deliver trendsetting interior design solutions that are guaranteed to leave you impressed. We pride ourselves on monitoring and customizing the process every step of the way in order to meet your needs and exceed expectations whilst delivering outstanding design quality on time and on budget.

No matter the size, location, or complexity of your project, we have a trusted team ready to deliver your vision.